No More 3,000 Mile Oil Changes

Did you know that over the past twenty years or so, advancements in engine and oil production have made it possible and even far more beneficial to only change out your vehicle's engine oil every 7,500 miles or so? Many vehicle manufacturers today are recommending more than double the old 3,000-mile oil change rule.

It is always wise to consult your owner's manual or bring your vehicle to a dealer to find out what kind of oil your engine requires as well as how frequently you should change it. This is a bit of a variable though, the way you drive your vehicle will determine how frequently oil changes are needed.

Extremely hot or cold weather, stop and go, or frequent short distance travels will cause a bit more wear and tear on your engine, making oil changes a bit more frequent. When you want to make sure your vehicle is getting exactly what it needs, bring it in to Hyundai of Jefferson City and let our expert staff take care of you.

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