What You Should Know About Move Over Laws

There is a strong chance that you may be unknowingly breaking a traffic law that has been in place since 2002; this law is called the Move Over Law. According to a national poll done by Mason Dixon Polling & Research, more than 71% of Americans were unaware that their state had a move over law.

Move over laws imply that when you see a roadside worker or emergency services vehicle on the roadside, doing their jobs such as a traffic stop or a sign repair, drivers are supposed to move over to a lane further from the side of the road if available. If no adjacent lane is available, drivers are to move over to the edge of the lane and slow down.

According to the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition, more than 200 roadside workers lose their lives each year. Let's all remember to slow down and give emergency services and roadside workers the space they need to be safe. All of us here at Hyundai of Jefferson City want to help spread the word of these Move Over Laws. Drive Safely.

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