Be Sure to Pack for Your Dog on Your Road Trip Together

Taking your furry friend with you on a road trip is an excellent idea, sure to inspire wonderful memories for years and years, but it's important to bring the right items for their safety and convenience. The pros from Petcha know all about pets so, in the video at the very bottom of this post, you can see their recommended items to bring on a road trip with your pup. If you're short on time, just read our written items below and get all the details you need. Either way, we hope your trip is as incredible and fun as you've been dreaming.


First, always have a collapsible water bowl. Second, your dog's collar and leash are important too. Third, bring their favorite toys, especially if you have one that also holds treats. Finally, any medication and medical records they have are good to have on hand.

Car Safety and Convenience:

Be sure to put vinyl seat covers down to protect your seats from dog nails and dirt. If your dog has hip trouble, a ramp is good to have to help them get in and out of the vehicle. Finally, a hard travel crate with tie-downs and tethers is crucial to keeping your dog safe and secure in the back.

Good Ideas:

Be sure to bring a dog bed or a blanket they associate with sleeping. A town or blanket for them to sit on at rest stops will prevent them for sitting on a hard floor for too long. An item that smells like you, such as a shirt or a sock, can help to keep them calm in their crate. Finally, don't forget a doggy coat, life jacket, or anything else required for your planned activities.



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