Knowing When Brake Pedals Need Repair

Brakes are an important component to our vehicle, and good working brakes are vital for our safety. Knowing when the brake pedals are in need of repair can not only mean the difference of a safe or unsafe vehicle but can also save money. Bring your vehicle to Hyundai of Jefferson City and let our certified technicians inspect them and advise you accordingly.

Signs that your brake pedals need repair include squealing brakes, spongy brake pedal and vehicle not slowing down as it should. There are several things that can cause your brake pedals to not work correctly.

  • Damage brake line
  • Air in the brake line
  • Bad wheel cylinders
  • Bad disc brake calipers
  • Worn master cylinder

Whether your vehicle is in need of brake pedal repair or a completely new brake system, we can handle it all. We also offer any other automotive service you may need. Stop at our service center in Jefferson City and let us take care of you.

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