Handling Features of the Hyundai Kona

The Hyundai Kona is a popular small SUV that packs plenty of performance options into its compact frame. For drivers seeking a vehicle that incorporates acceleration speed, comfort, agility, and smooth suspension into the performance it delivers, the Kona is the ideal option.

Enjoy the Drive Mode Select system, a Hyundai exclusive design that allows drivers to choose between Normal and Sport modes in response to driving conditions. In Sport mode, the vehicle will shift torque between the front and back wheels, balancing them to provide greater agility over a variety of surfaces. In Normal mode, performance is given a back seat to fuel efficiency, which makes it the perfect option for long journeys.

The suspension system throughout the Hyundai Kona is engineered to meet the demands of a variety of surface conditions. Whether drivers own the two-wheel or all-wheel drive trim, the suspension is optimized with innovative designs that enhance its ability to provide a smooth driving experience over bumpy or curvy roads.

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