Understand What Your Car's Belts Do

Vehicles require all sorts of different fluids in order to run properly or run at all. You have gasoline, brake fluid, coolant, oil, and even a few others that many people never think of. Generally these are held in a central tank and transported throughout the car via a series of hoses. These hoses require regular maintenance and replacement, like the services we provide at Hyundai of Jefferson City.

Perhaps the three most important types of hoses are the fuel lines, the brake lines, and the coolant lines. The fuel lines transport the gasoline from your fuel tank to the engine allowing it to run. The coolant lines help move antifreeze throughout your engine preventing it from getting too hot. And finally the brake lines provide hydraulic fluid to pressurize the brake system and allow for better stopping.

It is important that all of these lines are service and maintained at a proper service station like we have at our Hyundai service center. If you are at all concerned one of these needs repaired, please come in and see us right away.

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