What is a Differential and Does It Need to be Serviced?

The differential is working in your vehicle to make certain the wheels have power and you can steer the vehicle. If the differential experiences issues, you'll discover it when you are trying to turn and control the car.

The differential has fluids that keep the gears moving and protected. If the fluids are low, the gears are exposed and could grind and then fail. A leaking gasket could cause the issue and needs to be addressed before more serious and costly parts fail.

Just like how the motor oil in the car's engine protects moving parts, so too does the gear oil in the differential. If the oil breaks down, it can't protect the gears and they will not operate effectively when you are trying to control the car on the roads.

If you feel issues with the steering, bring your vehicle to our service center here at Hyundai of Jefferson City so our team can give the differential an inspection.

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