One of the most popular crossover SUVs in society today is the Hyundai Santa Fe. Car enthusiasts can't seem to get enough of this wonderful automobile thanks to its plethora of features. The 2019 Santa Fe is a crossover SUV that's kind of in its own class. For its particular price range, this vehicle can match up very well with pricier SUVs.

When it comes to keeping your occupants well-protected, this SUV achieves it by offering many safety components. Safe Exit Assist is heaven-sent because this technology can detect cars that are approaching from the rear via a radar system. With Rear-Occupant Alert, the vehicle's system will monitor backseat movements via ultrasonic sensors. This option is great to have if you have small kids. Blue Link Alert keeps you connected with the Santa Fe at all times, and you can remotely lock/unlock the doors.

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