What Are Cabin And Engine Air Filters For?

Your car needs clean air in order to function properly. In order to make sure that the air coming into your vehicle's engine is free from dirt and particles, your vehicle is equipped with an engine air filter.

Many cars on the market today are also equipped with cabin air filters. These filters are designed to keep mold, pollen, and dirt out of the cab of the vehicle. When cabin air filters are in place, the air inside the vehicle will be cleaner and more refreshing to breathe.

Both of these filters need to be changed at times. The cabin air filters should be checked when the vehicle is serviced. If the filters are dirty, they should be changed out. The engine air filter should be changed between the 15 to 30,000-mile mark. If you travel along dusty roads or on gravel roads frequently, you will have to change the filter sooner.

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