As temperatures warm outside, it's time to get your vehicle ready for summer driving. Once you've given your vehicle a thorough cleaning and ensured it's properly maintained, you may think there's not much else to do. However, one of the most important parts of preparing for summer driving remains: switching to summer tires.

If you've never used summer tires before, it's good to know that these specialty tires are specifically designed to offer high-performance driving in warm temperatures. From the sticky surface compounds to the malleable rubber, everything about these tires is built for gripping warm roads in Jefferson City, MO. That means they perform better than all-season tires that are more rigid and designed to perform in a variety of temperatures.

If you plan to drive your vehicle in an area where the weather will eventually turn cool again, it's important to take these summer tires off at the end of the season. If you don't, you'll be faced with a dangerous lack of grip that could lead to an accident.

For more expert advice on the best tires for your vehicle, be sure to stop by the service department at Hyundai of Jefferson City today.

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