Motor oil is an important aspect of the driving experience. You may have heard of conventional motor oil, but have you heard of synthetic oil? Those of us at Hyundai of Jefferson City want you to know the difference between the two oils.

Synthetic oil is engineered to be the best possible oil for your vehicle. The chemical compounds within synthetic oil are meant to protect your engine better than conventional oil. Synthetic oil is meant to keep your engine looking new for as long as possible. With how important the engine is in your vehicle, this type of oil will give you peace of mind while driving out and about.

Are you wondering if you should use synthetic oil in your vehicle? Your vehicle may require that you use synthetic oil. Even if your vehicle doesn't require it, there are pros to using it that aid in the protection and performance of your vehicle. Stop by our dealership in Jefferson City, MO to learn more about services and the differences between the two motor oils.

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