Drivers often do their best to avoid an accident. Then, one day, an accident happens. You didn't see the other vehicle on the road and made a lane change. Can you avoid a scenario like this one from occurring? No one can say 100% for sure, but a blind-spot monitor could help you decrease the chances.

A blind-spot monitor employs advanced technology to alert drivers when there is a car next to you. Sometimes, that vehicle might not be visible in the rear or side-view mirrors. The blind-spot monitor sends an alert that, hopefully, will keep a driver from changing lanes.

Drivers must still perform many safety checks on their own. They shouldn't rely only on technology for safety. That said, tech such as a blind-spot monitor can be a big help.

Do you want to test drive a vehicle with blind-spot monitoring? At Hyundai of Jefferson City in Jefferson City, MO, we have many models with this feature available.

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